You Have the Data. Now Get the Answers.  And, as Requested and New for 2016: Business Plan Development & Market Expansion Planning!

Welcome to, the web home of PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS ENTERPRISES, Inc. "Prosolent".  The company was started by Drew Thompson, a competent professional with over 25 years of IT experience in Florida public education, healthcare, and business.  Prosolent takes complex business challenges, determines the driving factors and then develops solutions - pragmatic plans that connect the right people, services, and technology for success.  Prosolent offers a variety of management consulting services, backed by advanced analytics and competitive pricing.

Private or governmental, a typical organization collects a vast amount of data as it delivers services, meets regulatory requirements and retains key people.  If you question how to get strategic information out of the accumulated data yof our organization, then Prosolent may be your answer.

By listening to the client and specializing in advanced Excel reporting, your current data can be analyzed by Prosolent to provide a clear view of previously hidden trends and opportunities.

Please tour this web site to learn about the variety of IT based consulting, management, and custom report development solutions offered.